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Quaker Darning Sampler by Ann Coleman – Walmer House – 1815

This unusually configured sampler, featuring five large complex darning patterns worked in monochrome (blue/green)silk, by Ann Coleman in 1815, is in generally fine ...


Small Needlework Sampler on Punched Paper (Adam & Eve) – c.1880

A small needlework sampler stitched (entirely in cross stitch) on punched paper, featuring Adam & Eve, tempted by the Serpent, at the Tree of Knowledge; lots of ...


Sampler by Ann Hudson – 1839

Classic needlework sampler worked by Ann Hudson Aged 10 Years, dated A.D 1839. English.


Sampler by Esther Riches “On Friendship” – c.1840

Classic needlework sampler worked by Esther Riches, c.1840 English.


Sisters Sampler (an anonymous forget-me-not) – c.1830

This small affecting sampler was possibly the parting gift of one sister to another (recently married?) who may have been about to depart to a new life somewhere in ...


Georgian Tapestry Panel – c.1780

18th century tapestry panel elaborately worked, on a lightly napped ground, in single strand, twist, and wrapped silver & gilt metal thread and cord, with polych...


Needlework Sampler (a fragment) by Elizabeth Russel – 1794

This sampler fragment, the bottom third of a band sampler stitched on homespun linen by Elizabeth Russel (then aged 11) in 1794, features the rare rendering of a fam...

Harriett Lee - 1815


Needlework Sampler with Windmill by Harriett Lee, aged 9 – 1815

Finely rendered needlework sampler by Harriett Lee, aged 9; created in 1815, probably in East Anglia - home to most English windmills. In a slightly scuffed, dash r...


Needlework Sampler – “A Token of love” – c.1860

This unusual horozontal format sampler, stitched in fine wool and cotton on linen, features motifs and geometric designs typical of work done at the Ackworth School ...